Hybrid Strength

Train like an athlete with the program you need to improve performance and find purpose again!

Are you someone who...

  • Loves fitness, but life has gotten in the way?
  • Has tried all the programs, but still doesn't feel like an athlete?
  • Craves structure in your workouts & misses that from your sport?
  • Wants to feel athletic, challenged, & purpose driven in your training again?

Hi, I’m Katie!

Growing up as a figure skating athlete, I never had to plan my own training. So, after sports I went to college, hit the gym, tried doing my own thing & felt totally lost and insecure.

I had to overcome a huge learning curve and rebuild my identity as an athlete over the years. If you feel like I did, I want to help you go from insecure to confident in the gym, lost to identifying as an athlete again, and equip you to reach your athletic potential!

I’m a hybrid coach and athlete. I’ve been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2018. I’m a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, teach group ex classes, and before all of that I trained figure skating athletes as a USFSA coach and choreographer.

I'm here to help you step into your new era of athleticism!

The Details…

Monthly coaching is great for the day in day out grind to challenge you and keep you moving forward!

You’ll get access to…

  • Training periodized to the hybrid season.
  • 4 workouts/week for the gym (45-60 min).
  • Technique videos & exercise history library to track your progress.
  • Access to the True Coach app for all workouts & coach messaging.
  • Regular fitness assessments to test your performance.

Cost: $127 billed monthly (3 month minimum)

What to Expect

Semi-Independent - Online coaching gives you detailed workout plans so you can decide when you want to work out, but still have access to your coach right there in the app!

Take Control of Your Training Again - You decide what resistance you use because let’s face it, some days are just hard & some days you’re gonna totally crush it!

Personal Growth - Feel the thrill of athletic challenge & the pride in achievement. Conquering obstacles in the gym to learn resilience to persevere when life gets tough.

Coaching Support - I’m here for you to answer questions, review technique, & offer program adjustments when life gets crazy.

Gym Equipment Needed

  • Dumbbells &/or Kettlebells
  • Barbell & Plates
  • Bench & Step/Box
  • Bands, Cable Machine, &/or TRX
  • Med ball or Slam Ball
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Rower, Ski, &/or Bike

"I loved having 4 workouts, balanced and ready to go each week. The progression of level of difficulty was great. It kept me challenged. I also loved the demonstration videos so that I was sure what to do." - Sue S

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